behind the seams

What is superstitch™?

Superstitch is a new fashion and accessories brand  -- our first release is the SUPERAG -- a high-end durag that combines premium construction with fashion-forward designs that complement the latest apparel and sneaker styles.  Superstitch SUPERAGS are designed in New York City by Wave Life, the makers of WAVEBUILDER the leading men’s grooming brand for wavers for over 15 years.

run-resistant superknit durag fabric

What makes SUPERAGS so super? 

Our SUPERAGS are superior quality durags constructed with proprietary run-resistant superknit material that is made by us in our own production facilities. They also feature a reinforced binding edge and high count overlock stitching.

Cheaper, ill-fitting durags are often made with stiff and dull fabric that easily pulls and shows runs and edge stitching that quickly unravels. Whether being worn for function, fashion or both – the look and longevity of the durag are paramount for any durag wearer. Our custom, one-of-a-kind designs, patterns and colorways also set us apart. We take inspiration from art, music and fashion to create unique graphics in limited releases.